To do or not to do?

This is the big question that many parents have in mind before the end of the school year.

Our proposal is to continue, depending on the case and the needs of your children, and also leave a space free of therapies and responsibilities so that the children can take a break.

Rest is always recommended and necessary for both, adults and children.

We would say much more for children since they are busy throughout the year with many things and never get to rest properly.

So it all depends on your decision as parents.

We, the therapists, always recommend that the therapies should be realized in a coordinated manner in the month of July.

When we talk about therapies, we mean all of them, psychology, speech therapy or psychopedagogy.

We also know that most of you continue to work in July, many of our little ones sign up for summer camps. The summer camps help children to be busy with creative things and to continue learning and maintaining a routine. This is also the case with therapies, but with different objectives.

Even so, do not forget that rest is SUPER important and brings many benefits at a personal level and at a group and family level.

Enjoy your family moments!


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