Multilingual Speech Therapy For Adults

Speech Therapy not only offers its services to the world of children. Adults on the other hand also have their needs. That’s why our professional is responsible for correcting atypical swallows that remain in adulthood and they collaborate with the orthodontists for the best and most effective methods that can be applied to solve the situation.
In addition, our speech therapist is specialized in working with fluency disorder, for many of you also known as Stuttering that affects the adult world, also, when the problem was not solved at an earlier age and persists without any improvement.

Notably, speech therapy deals in diagnosing and rehabilitating voice disorders (dysphonia) that have affected people throughout their lives and are present in their daily lives. Voice disorders usually appear when vocal cords swell, develop growths or are paralyzed and thus cannot function properly developing a voice disorder, as happens to teachers, professors, actors or singers.

The neuro-speech therapy is a specialty of speech therapy that tries to compensate, minimize and rehabilitate those disorders in language, speech and swallowing that have been caused by some sort of neurological disorder, brain injury or neurodegenerative disease. All this can be present in adulthood.


Speech therapy sessions are focused on improving the quality of life of those who are affected, seeking to recover the maximum cognitive and communicative abilities derived from brain damage, compensating those who cannot be recovered, and preventing the occurrence of alterations. In addition, it has the mission to inform and educate families and caregivers on complementary intervention methods to be used at home.