Children Multilingual Speech Therapy

When would you consult a speech therapist?

  • Articulation problems: not speak clearly and make mistakes in the sounds
  • Fluency problems: problems with the fluidity of speech, such as stuttering.
  • Voice problems: problems with tone, volume and quality.
  • Oral feeding problems: difficulty eating, swallowing and drooling.
  • Language problems: like dyslexia, apraxia.
  • Development problems and communication: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger´s Syndrome.
  • Receptive language problems: trouble understanding (receive) language.
  • Expressive language problems: trouble speaking (express) language.
  • Pragmatic language problems: problems using language appropriate socially.
  • Swallowing problems: atypical swallowing.

What you need to know about Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech Therapy is an intervention service aimed at improving speech (articulation, voice, fluency and rhythm), communication and skills of a child to understand and express language, including non-verbal language (expressive and receptive language). The speech therapists/pathologists (SLP) are professionals who provide those services.

What do the speech therapists do?

They are professionals who determine what kind of language problem has a student. They assess what is causing it and decide the best treatment. They can help the children to develop skills working with them individually, in small groups or in the classroom.