Summer creactivities
In what the summer creactivities consist?

In Espai Tau Kids every summer from the end of school until mid-August we perform multilingual activities, where we combine leisure with learning.

What are they exactly?
  • They are recreational, therapeutic, educational and group activities (small groups).
  • They will be done 3 times a week with a duration of 1h and a half / day.
  • The two therapists will jointly coordinate both activities.
  • They will be developed both in the morning and in the afternoon, depending on family availability.
  • They are trilingual (Spanish, Catalan, English).
  • Participants: 6 – 14 years.
  • Total duration: 6 weeks

“Monsters of colours”

  • Promote self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • Develop emotional identification skills in themselves and others.
  • Recognize bodily sensations related to emotions.
  • Learn emotional management strategies in different situations.
  • Learn to develop emotional management responses.
  • Learn effective methods of positive conflict resolution.
  • Learn the importance of teamwork by valuing what I contribute to the group and others.
  • Improve verbal and nonverbal expression and communication.
  • Encourage assertiveness and empathy.

“Funny Comunicators”

  • Promote self-esteem and personal safety.
  • Develop social and creative skills.
  • Learn new languages.
  • Learn to have fun and be part of new groups of people.
  • Develop linguistic and communicative skills.
  • Promote assertiveness and empathy.
Servicios Actividades Espai Tau Kids.
Servicios Actividades Espai Tau Kids.