Supervisory groups
What are supervisory groups?

Are groups of psychologists / speech therapists or final year students of psychology / speech therapy who want to prepare a practical level to try to monitor cases or cases that are already dealing in the center.
This space is monitored by a psychologist / speech therapist expert who will solve doubts and guide the cases raised; and provide new insights.

The sessions will take place from:
  • Cases provided by the participants themselves that will allow them to resolve
    doubts and improve their therapeutic work.
  • Cases that are suggested by the center to illustrate appropriate intervention.

The methodology is 100% PARTICIPATORY so through dialogue and exchange of views, knowledge and experience we enrich each other in an environment in which ALL ARE PROFESSIONALS.
Currently, Espai Tau Kids collaborates with Abat Oliva CEU University as a training center and practice for students of the degree / master’s degree in psychology.