The selectivity is approaching and most of the adolescents are finishing their last year
of college / institute. Nerves, stress and lack of time can cause concentration
problems. For this reason, at Espai Tau Kids we recommend the following guidelines
for a good preparation for selectivity that helps them have the success they deserve
after a tough course:

  • Organize the study agenda before starting to revise.
  • Check if we are missing some notes.
  • Establish a study calendar with hours and times for each subject.
  • Do not forget to rest and play sports.
  • Perform first a general review of the subjects to continue with an in-depth study.
  • Prepare practice exercises or take selectivity exams from past years.
  • Organize the necessary material for the day of the exam.
  • Prepare relaxation strategies for the days before the exam.
  • Rest the last day before the exam.
  • Read the exam questions calmly and organize the time you need for each of them.

From Espai Tau Kids we want to wish you all the best of luck!


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