When would you consult for re-education sessions?
  • “He seems demoralized and frustrated”
  • “He/She can´t follow his/her classmates”
  • “He doesn’t want to go to school”
  • “He suspended several subjects and I am afraid that he has to repeat the school course”
  • “He doesn´t understand either the texts or statements of problems and exercises”
  • “She confuses letters”
  • “The texts he writes are not age-appropriate”
  • “Commits many misspellings”
  • “Her level of reading and/or writing is not age-appropriate”
    “He is incapable of doing his homework without my help”
  • “Fails to maintain attention for 10 minutes”
  • “He can´t achieve the proposed academic goals”
What you need to know about re-educations?

The re-education means to re-educate what should have been assimilated in the early grades but because of circumstances X, has not been achieved. For example, sometimes, make him read every day is not the solution if he cannot discriminate sounds, he confuses letters, read one word for another or does not have vocabulary.

What does a therapist do in re-educations?

The psychopedagogue makes students learn on how to be responsible, independent and earn self-esteem and self-confidence. Also, they provide different and alternative study techniques that are appropriate for performing tasks and realizing duties.