When a student might need reinforcement?
  • When the student does not follow the pace of the class in one or two specific areas.
  • When he goes beyond a point doubt and needs individualized attention in order to understand these contents.
  • When once you resolved his doubts, he has no resources to cope with the duties or the next class.
  • When you need a slower pace than the class group to assimilate the contents of a subject.
  • When because of his frustration and difficulties in some area, he is setting aside.
  • When he feels unmotivated and he has no self-esteem and self-confidence.
What you need to know about school tutoring?

It is a complementary support to school activity that has as objective to deepen, complement or improve academic processes of the classroom and customize them according to the needs of each student.
The work must be continuous so that students can take responsibility for their own educational progress.