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Do you need a psychologist for your child? An adult psychologist? A speech therapist for your child? A speech therapist for you? Does your child need school reinforcement or perhaps a reeducation? Do you want to know if we do therapeutic activities in summer? Do you need support for your child at school? Do you want to know about our supervision and training groups? All this and more in SPANISH, CATALAN, ENGLISH. We are a multilingual center.

Our services are adapted to each particular case..
We consider that each human being is unique and we personalize
our methods to each one







Our interventions are based on the most effective therapies, scientifically backed and combined with our passion for our work, professionalism and a lot of love!.

Espai Tau Kids

About Espai Tau Kids

Espai Tau Kids is a psychological, educational and speech therapylearning space for everyone. It is aimed primarily at children and families We provide services that work holistically to achieve better results.

The professionals in Espai Tau Kids work in an interdisciplinary way and conduct their sessions in different languages, such as Spanish, Catalan, Galician, English and Greek

Our philosophy

When we created Espai Tau Kids we believed strongly in the need to support families and their children. We believe that our work would not be effective without the help of co-therapists (family, friends, and school). So that the learning acquired in our sessions can be generalized to other contexts.

Let's keep talking?

1. Contact us

You can text us by WhatsApp or by sending us an email in which you inform us of the case to be treated.

2. We study the case

Once the query is received, we will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the start of therapy. It will consist of an exhaustive evaluation in order to be able to select the objectives to work on, adapting them to each particular case.

3. We get to work

When the child and the family have their time, throughout the sessions we will carry out individual or group work, as well as coordination with both the family and the school in order to generalize the learning acquired.
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