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The time has come for you to get to know us and for that we have decided that a resume presents us as workers, as professionals, but we also want you to get to know us as people.

Sabela Blanco

Hello! I am Sabela Blanco, Galician by birth, although with Catalan roots. I have lived most of my short life in Galicia and that, as the Galicians say, makes you strong…it must be because of the rain. In Santiago de Compostela, I studied a degree in Clinical Psychology. My family helped me understand the passion for a job in which you help people be happier and improve their quality of life. After my 5 years of studies, I decided to go live in London. Yes or yes, I had to learn English. There I met people from different cultures, from different parts of the world who helped me see beyond what my little Galicia had offered me. After a year learning English, and doing a Master’s Degree in Child Psychology and Early Care, I decided that Barcelona would be my new residence. The fact that my father is from here helped a lot, although I think the climate a little more. Please stop raining! Here, I studied my first Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. And if I was already clear that I liked my profession, after the master’s degree, but especially the internship, I fell in love. When I finished it I thought it was time to think about the future and for various reasons I decided to complete my training with the Master of General Health Psychology. After successfully completing it, I decided it was time to start proving to myself and others that my profession/passion should be used to help people. I started working in various places until suddenly the “opportunity” or perhaps the “dream of my life” arose, to have my own therapeutic center.
Sabela Blanco Psicóloga Espai Tau Kids

Raquel Pérez

Hello! I am Raquel Pérez, educational psychologist at “Escola La Immaculada” and collaborating psychologist at Espai Tau Kids. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​specialized in Neurosciences and Child-Adolescent Psychopathology. With training experience at Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona Health Hub, Fundació Adana, Escola Fàsia, etc. My profession is my vocation; I feel very fortunate to be able to help the adults of the future day by day to solve, improve or accompany their difficulties by promoting greater well-being in their lives. Specialties: Child-juvenile psychology. Psychopedagogical orientation. Neuropsychological evaluation and psychological assessment in children and adolescents. Neuropsychological reeducation and psychological treatment in cognitive-behavioral orientation in children and adolescents.

Irene Lorente

Hello! My name is Irene Lorente. I am a speech therapist and interpreter of Catalan sign language. I am specialized in myofunctional therapy and speech therapy for children and adolescents at school. I currently work at the Sagrat Cor school in Barcelona where I work as a speech therapist. I also collaborate with Espai Tau and my desire is infinite to be able to offer the best of myself and help children and their families. I work in Spanish and Catalan.
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