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Psychological therapy for children and adolescents aimed at solving emotional and/or behavioral problems, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of children/adolescents and their environment. Children’s therapy is carried out through play or in a more playful way, always pursuing the objectives set after the diagnostic evaluation.

Psicología infantil

What you need to know about psychology?
discipline that studies the behavior, cognitive and emotional processes of people, in relation to the surrounding environment. Etymologically, “psychology” comes from the Greek word “psyche” which refers to the soul and the word “logos” which refers to the study.
What do the psychologists do?
Contribute to the development of the child on a safe basis taking advantage of its great plasticity and preparing him or her to successfully meet later stages. We also offer support to families by giving them a space where they feel understood and can have answered all of their questions about their children. The purpose of therapy is to understand the inner world of the child through a collaborative relationship between parents and therapist. From this teamwork we find out the root of the problem to know where we should go and be able to draw a set path towards improving the quality of life of the child and his / her environment. Through the game, in the case of the smallest children, the therapist will help the child to resolve conflicts in his own language.
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When would you consult a psychologist?

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