How do we know when a child has rabies?

When he is tense.

When he wants to hit or throw things.

When he gets away from people.

When he clenches his fists and clenches his jaw.

When the palpitations go a thousand an hour.

They want to cry and scream.

Headaches or stomach aches.

How can we help them quantify their anger?

Rage thermometers.

Rage meters.

Help them identify which situations generate anger.

Being forced to do something they don’t want to do.

That they do not include them in the groups of friends.

Make fun of them.

Having things taken away or broken.

Not being allowed to do something they want to do.

Beware of technologies!

Don’t pay attention to them.

How can we help them manage that anger?

Get moving.

Teach them to breathe in a relaxed way.

Count numbers in direct order and in reverse order.

Give them soft things that they can squeeze or hit without hurting himself (cushions, play dough, rubber balls).

Talk to him about his anger.

Provide a quiet place (“the corner of calm”).


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