Many times as parents we inadvertently recognize the worth of our children based on their school grades. This way of qualifying them can affect the construction of low self-esteem.

That is why we propose a series of favorable behaviors for building positive self-esteem based on their school grades.

  1. We must identify the causes of low grades (lack of study, does not understand the lessons, does not pay attention, does not complete the tasks, bad company, is not organized, health problems, less dedication…)
  2. Talk clearly about the causes with our children. Put all the possibilities on the table and see which one best suits your case.
  3. Establish direct contact with teachers and tutors who can give us information.
  4. Work together to stimulate it. Never give up on anything. There is always time to recover.
  5. Seek outside support if it´s posible and necessary.

What won’t help our kids when they get bad grades:

  1. To disproportionate punishments.
  2. Lack of control, shouting and bad words.
  3. Threats.
  4. Rate your worth based on your grades, and
  5. Blame the teacher.

But most importantly, we must ALWAYS, ALWAYS value their achievements, make constructive criticism and help them overcome fears and insecurities.


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