According to Meyer, L.A. (2004) cited in Abello et al. (2005), Myofunctional
is defined as: “The set of procedures and techniques used to correct
orofacial muscle imbalance, the creation of new muscle patterns in
swallowing, the creation of adequate patterns for the articulation of the
word, the reduction of harmful habits and the improvement of the patient’s
It really consists of working and improving the oral and maxillofacial system,
which is responsible for our vital functions such as breathing, sucking,
swallowing, chewing and speaking.

Speech and language therapists, who are specialized professionals, are
dedicated to improving the habits of the person (child or adult).
We intervene in:

  1. Orofacial dysfunctions
  2. Facial malformations
  3. Cognitive disabilities that sometimes go together with some hypotonia
  4. Infant cerebral palsy
  5. After a stroke and TBI
  6. Degenerative and neurological disorders
  7. Postoperative lingual, laryngeal, or maxillofacial
  8. In general, in any disorder, syndrome, trauma and / or disease in which
    the functionality of the orofacial muscles is compromised.

We are part as specialized professionals, of an interdisciplinary team to achieve
the proposed goals for the best quality of life for each person who needs us.

The team is made up of orthodontists, dentists, and speech therapists.
Myofunctional Therapy is realized pre and post – operation, or intervention so
that the person manages to generalize all the objectives that will allow him/her
to breathe, swallow, chew and speak better.


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