Phonetics is one of the most important parts of the language. It is the part that needs to be learned first, in the early stages of age and it is essential to know it well since without it will be difficult for us to learn a new language.

In this stage, are studied the sounds of a language, its phones.

It is always accompanied by phonology where phonic productions, phonemes are studied, as well.

Children from their 5 years begin to study phonetics and little by little phonology is added. They learn the sounds of the letters and then their phonemes and graphemes.

But how do you learn phonetics in a new language?

  1. First, the sounds are learned individually and practiced a lot, a lot, until they come out naturally. Once this aspect is controlled, we will be able to know through its phonetic transcription how the words are pronounced.
  2. Afterwards, it is necessary for each one to listen by speaking to himself the language he is learning. If you are not able to detect your pronunciation while speaking, you could try recording and listening to yourself, so you will be much more aware of the areas that need improvement.
  3. It is better for someone who starts a new language to do some thinking about what he is going to say and how he is going to say it phonetically speaking, even if his speech is a little slower.
  4. Also, it is advisable to copy the accent of the native speakers and thus try to imitate them. Listen and repeat what they say, trying to make it sound the same.
  5. Another way to practice is by listening and singing songs or watching series and movies in their original version.
  6. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to practice phonics is by speaking and interacting, so it is important that you try to start conversations with people who know the subject and are able to correct them. Giving time is always the best recommendation!


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