Associated disorders

What is language?

Language is a system of signs through which individuals communicate with each other. It is a tool of human capacity that enables individuals to communicate.

There is more than one type of language or communication method through which we transmit information to each other. Generally, in this sense we can classify different types. Some of them are:

  • Verbal language.
  • Non-verbal language.
  • Social language.

In Speech Therapy, a disorder associated with language would be classified as “Language disorder” but it would be further specified, since receptive, expressive or mixed language could be affected.

Receptive language disorder is the difficulty in understanding.

Expressive language disorder is the difficulty of expression, and

Mixed language disorder affects both comprehension and expression.

Speech therapists are the appropriate therapists who can help in the differentiation, evaluation of language disorders and who deal with treating them.

What is speech?

Speech is the oral manifestation and verbal expression of language.

That is to say, the individual act by means of which a person makes use of a language to be able to communicate. In addition, it is carried out by elaborating a message according to the grammatical rules and conventions that it shares with a specific linguistic community. Some types of speech are:

  • Directive speech.
  • Declarative speech.
  • Expressive speech.

In Speech Therapy, a disorder associated with speech would be classified as a “Speech disorder” and from there it would be further specified since not all speech disorders are the same.

Speech disorders refer to difficulties in producing the sounds required to speak or problems with the quality of the voice. These can be characterized by a disruption in the flow or rhythm of speech, such as stuttering or lack of fluency.

Speech therapists are the professionals who take care of their evaluation and intervention.


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