April was Autism Awareness Month and that is why we took the opportunity to
explain you how children with Autism benefit from speech therapy treatment.
Autism spectrum disorder is something that almost everyone already knows
What people sometimes do not know is that speech therapy, as a profession, is
essential when treating children with ASD.
This post would be very long if we began to describe in all the details why
speech therapy is important, but what we can do is highlight some of its
benefits, among others:

 Communication: Speech therapy offers people with ASD the possibility
of being able to communicate. Given the lack of language, it is necessary
to establish an alternative or augmentative communication system (signs
or pictograms), so that they can express themselves.
 Language: Speech therapy and language is an obvious relationship that
also helps, and undoubtedly a lot, so that non-verbal children can begin
to express themselves.
 Cognition: In all the work sections already mentioned above
(communication and language), cognition is worked on simultaneously by
the speech therapists. Cognition is the ability that we all have to
assimilate and process the data that comes to us from different routes.
Sometimes and in different ways, this process is interrupted on children
with Autism and that is where they need more help. Process information,
understand it and be able to act and interact with others.
 Socialization/Social language: At Espai Tau Kids, our speech therapist,
specialized in working as an external professional in schools in

Barcelona, ​​helps children with Autism to be part of a class, to participate,
to interact and to socialize. It usually costs them a little more than others.
This is called social language, where the presence of speech therapy is
more than essential.

We hope we have helped you and have explained to you in the best way the
role of speech therapy in autism spectrum disorder!


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