Conflict resolution

Before starting the conflict resolution process, you need to:

  • Use active listening.
  • Do not interrupt the other.
  • Have empathy.
  • Understand how we feel and how the other feels.
  • Recognize the emotions that are being generated.
  • Participate all in the process.

Steps to follow:

1. Identify the problem.

First we must define the problem as a family clearly and specifically. Think about who in the family is involved in the problem. It is good that we are making notes and using simple words that we all understand.

2. Generate solutions (brainstorming).

In this second phase it is good that we all generate solutions to the problem. It’s good to do it in a fun way, whether it’s on post-its, making a “solutions wall”, etc. We must also assess whether we can ask for help or advice from an external person who knows our problem. The more solutions we have, the better.

3. Anticipate the consequences of each of our solutions.

In the third part we must assess the consequences of each of our solutions, evaluating the pros and cons of each of them.

4. Choose the best option.

In this phase, we must choose the solution that by a majority we consider to be the most appropriate. It´s possible to have more than one option.

5. Put into practice.

In the penultimate phase, after the election, we put the chosen solution into practice.

6. Evaluate the choice.

Assess the results. If the result is positive, it is a good time to celebrate. If the result is not so positive, you must reevaluate your options and try again.


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